Version 1.0.4

? Drag and Drop reordering is here

You can now reorder and organize any file manually! Put your Trivia questions in the order you’re going to play them, layout Boxes or the Wheel of Destiny the way you want, or order the teams in Leaderboard to make it easier to update. Reordering anything!

? Hide Next Winner

In all of our picker builders (Boxes, PickMe, PhotoFury, Wheel of Destiny) you can now hide the next winner from the person running the computer. Let the computer decide!

☕️ Improved Performance

  • fixed a bug here popups would appear too low to use in Sidekick, making scrolling difficult.
  • fixed a bug in Advanced Crop that would sometimes make it unusable.
  • fixed a bug in Trivia where it would appear dark and moody.
  • fixed a plethora of other bugs!
December 27th, 2018|

Version 1.0.3

??? Bulk Add Images

Now in Photo Fury and Pixelate you can use the Bulk Add button to drag-n-drop as many images as you want!

  • Play Poser (Photo Fury), but right before service you take pictures of leaders doing the Poses. In one operation you can drop in all the images!
  • Pick your next volunteer using Photo Fury by dropping silly faces of each of your students. Now, instead of seeing their name of the screen, they see their face!

☕️ Improved Performance

  • fixed a bug that prevented some files from being exported! Export away!
  • fixed a bug where Wheel of Destiny wouldn’t pick a new random or hide the last item.
  • fixed Recents to be more… recent-y.
  • fixed a bug where sometimes the spacebar wouldn’t trigger the picker.
  • a considerable number of other random bugs!
December 27th, 2018|

Version 1.0.2

? Discover New Files

Now you can find MORE Sidekick files inside the brand new ‘Library’ pane. Discover engaging Sidekick files from DYM’s growing library of amazing, trench-tested library… created by youth workers like you!

☕️ Improved Performance

  • bulk-add and remove items in any builders… it’s waaaaay faster and more reliable.
  • tons of tweaks and bug fixes for improved performance including the bug preventing Sidekick files from showing up for first-time users.
November 30th, 2018|

Version 1.0.1

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added keyboard shortcuts per each builder in Sidekick. For example, in Wheel of Destiny you can use the space bar in the Play tab to spin that wheel! In Trivia, you can use the up/down arrows to go between questions, or “a”-“e” to reveal the answers! There are more hidden gems in here. You can now go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts to see what is available (this list changes based on the builder and tab you’re in).

? Advanced Display Cropping

Not all screens are alike! Some screens have TripleHead2Gos or DualHead2Gos. Some screens just need some extra love. With this update of Sidekick you can now manually adjust the output of Sidekick! Find these controls in your Display settings, under the TV icon in the upper-right of Sidekick!

? Leaderboard Improvements

You can now show and hide teams in the Play tab! Use this feature to “reveal” the winners in order with ease!
We’ve also made a ton of under the hood improvements to Leaderboard, so it should be easier, faster, and more reliable! Did we mention ⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts?! Well, now you can use keyboard shortcuts to add and remove points in Leaderboard, too!

? Feature Requests and Bug Reports

We want to hear from you! So we added the ability for you to request features or new builder ideas, as well as report bugs you find in the app. You can find these options in the “Help > Submit a feature…” and “Help > Report a bug…” options! We want Sidekick to be your sidekick — so let us know how we can make it better for you!

☕️ Improving Performance

As with any app update, we’ve made a ton of tweaks to fix bugs and improve performance.

October 25th, 2018|

Version 1.0.0

Introducing Sidekick

Sidekick is a Mac/PC presentation app for creating interactive elements in your weekly programs.

This version brings you:

10 fully-customizable builders

  • Boxes: A random box picker.
  • Emoji Hunt: An Emoji slot machine.
  • Wheel of Destiny: A completely customizable spinny-wheel.
  • Pick Me: An easy people picker complete with odds!
  • Leaderboard: Keep score with up to 10 teams.
  • Survey Says: A Family Feud-style game builder.
  • Countdown Maker: Customizable countdowns in seconds!
  • Pixelate: Customizable “Image guessing” game without Photoshop!
  • Trivia: Full-featured, multiple-choice game builder.
  • Photo Fury: A fully-cusomizable, fast-paced, random image picker.

45 ready-to-go included files

We’re not going to leave you hanging. Not only can you build all of the files you want to use in your program, but we’ve included 45 right off the bat for free! Give them a spin!

Share with others

Easily export your own .sidekick files and share them with friends, or make them available through the DYM Store!

It just works

Sidekick plugs right into your projector, TV, or video system directly from your computer. It works seamlessly with ProPresenter, PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other presentation software you normally use!

July 26th, 2018|